Center for Health and Wellbeing

Environmental Graphic Design

Size 80,000 square feet
Completion Date July 2019
Contact Reference Amanda Cronick, AIA, LEED Green Associate
  • ADA and Code Required Environmental Graphic Design Wayfinding and Speciality Signage for Site, Building, and Interior
Architect of Record
Duda Paine Architects, Inc.

Project Description:

The Center for Health and Wellbeing will emphasize care of the body, mind and spirit The intentionally integrated facility will inspire healthy living, reverse chronic diseases and increase longevity.

At nearly 80,000 square feet, the Center for Health and Wellbeing has been consciously designed to support wellness, fitness and medicine. The wellness component will feature both prevention and education classes and programs throughout the center, but predominantly in two conference room spaces. At the heart of the building is an area called “The Commons.” This space will be used for indoor farmers’ markets, cafe seating, socializing, educational offerings and many other activities. As part of fitness, there will be a new privately managed Wellness Center to replace the old ‘Y”. Fitness center venues include spinning, yoga, innovative equipment, and two pools.

The “Wellness” theme will also be incorporated into the surrounding campus landscape, including a variety of gardens and a walking path for the entire community to enjoy. The project anticipates LEED status Silver Certificate, v-3 2009.

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