Fort Pierce Federal Courthouse

Environmental Graphic Design, Signage and Wayfinding

Size 123,400 square feet
Completion Date 2010
Contact Reference Mr. Ian Nestler, AIA
  • ADA and Code Required Environmental Graphic Design
  • Wayfinding and specialty signage for site, building, and interior
Architect of Record
PGAL (Pierce Goodwin Alexander & Linville)

Project Description:

The courthouse site comprises a 300′ by 300′ block, and part of an adjacent block at the southwest corner of the central business district of downtown Fort Pierce. The five-story Federal Courthouse features a full-height atrium with exposed gable steel roof trusses and an expansive exterior glass wall. Finished with terrazzo flooring and beechwood veneer siding, the atrium features two large murals by New York artist Roberto Juarez, in addition to a drought-tolerant public garden and landscaping featuring dozens of Majule palms, concrete walkways and bench-style seating. At a height of 85 feet and occupying a 300-foot square block and part of an adjacent block, the building’s main entrance is elevated to a second-story height and features an underground secured parking level. Column-free areas and a 21- foot floor-to- floor height at the third floor level allow for the addition of future courtrooms to complement the two provided on the fourth floor. The 123,400 SF building is LEED Gold Certified.

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