Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

Orlando Airport Cafe Interior Architecture, Signage and FF&E

Size 10,000 SF / Capacity: 30-50
Completion Date 1997
Contact Reference Mr. Michael Chatham, AIA
  • Interior Architectural Design
  • FFE, Finishes and Signage
Architect of Record

Project Description:

The project entailed development of existing Airside 1 seating area to produce much needed concessions within the airside wing. A concept was created that coordinated with the existing surrounds of the concourse, but used the ceiling to delineate the bar /eatery service areas. Undulating and tiered, the ceiling terraces depict the ‘cloud’ forms one sees while flying. The solid maple bar, almost 40 feet in length, is a reflection of the ceiling forms, and at same time, its curved shape lends to the multiple functions of the bartenders, between bar service and mini-bar over counter service. European style furniture complements the bar finish and form. Wall and floor surfaces utilize existing OIA standards to keep maintenance to a minimum and create no ‘new’ learning curves. The bar features an accent wall of colorful glazed tile. Lighting completes the design by accenting the ceiling terraces, providing both ambient, architectural and functional sources.

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