Rollins College Improvements

Interior Architecture and Environmental Graphic Design

Size 80 Acres
Project Value 2 mil overall
  • Programming, Planning
  • Interior Architecture, Interior Design
  • Furniture, Furnishings & Equipment
  • Signage and Wayfinding

Project Description:

George Herbst, vice president emeritus for business and finance for Rollins College was a driving force behind one of the largest construction booms in its history. Passionate about architecture, during Herbst’s tenure from 1996 – 2008, the college expanded, or renovated more than 30 facilities. Depicted are examples of some of MFA’s renovation opportunities including elements of the Warren Administration Building, Alfond Sports Center, Sullivan House, Alumi House, Mills Memorial Hall, Bush Science Center, Roy E. Crummer, and Sutton Place Apartments. Herbst was awarded the AIA’s Award of Merit as well as awards from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.

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