Seminole State College

Environmental Graphic Design

Size 200 acres
Completion Date 2004 Master Planning, 2012-2015 Continuing Services
Contact Reference Mr. Tim McNicholas, C.T.Hsu+Associates
  • Campus Wayfinding Master Planning
  • Campus Pedestrian Wayfinding
  • Primary Identification
  • Recognition
  • Branding Updates
  • Specialty Graphics
Architects of Record
C.T.Hsu+Associates, P.A.
SSC Facilities and Management
KMA Group, LLC

Project Description:

In 2004 the State College, then known as Seminole Community College, completed a master plan update for its Sanford/Lake Mary campus. The comprehensive plan, covering campus
development over the next 20 years, called for more than 650,000 square feet of new construction, a campus wide site and building sign program, setting standards for all SSC campuses.

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